8 Tips on How To Sell Your Home Fast For A Good Price

Written on 4 January 2022 by Courtney Manton in Frequently Asked Questions

Selling your home may feel like an overwhelming prospect, particularly as the property market has cooled slightly following the end of the stamp duty holiday.

How to sell your home

If you’re thinking of selling your home, the last thing you want is to have your property on the market for a prolonged period. Here are eight top tips to help you clinch a swift sale.

1. Spruce up the outside of your house

Most buyers will decide whether they like your house or not in the first few minutes. Make an excellent first impression by tidying up your driveway and front garden and giving the front door a lick of paint. Adding a new doormat and some pot plants on either side of the door will help your property stand out, and best of all, you can take these with you to your new home.

2. Declutter

Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your home. Make this easy for them by removing your personal belongings. Put them in storage until it is time to move house. Consider removing bulky or unnecessary furniture that makes a room feel small.

Pay special attention to the hallway as it is the first thing your buyers will see – put out of season coats and shoes into storage boxes.

Sort out the cupboard space too. Cupboards should look neat and tidy, demonstrating plenty of storage space.

3. Deep clean

Nothing will deter buyers more than a dirty house. Spend a weekend cleaning your house from top to bottom – bathrooms, windows and even inside the kitchen cupboards. It is inexpensive to hire a carpet cleaner, and the results will make your home more appealing to buyers.

4. Do small DIY jobs

Get your toolbox out and do those DIY jobs you have been putting off. Refresh tired paintwork, repair cracked tiles and missing grout, fix wonky shelves, and broken door handles. You want your home to be in the best possible condition before you put it on the market.

5. But leave the bigger projects

Now is not the time to redo your bathroom or kitchen. You are unlikely to increase your sale price sufficiently to cover the cost of the work, and buyers like to put their own stamp on the property and may not share your tastes.

6. Consider lighting

Aim to make your home as light and airy as possible. Wall mirrors can help make a small space seem bigger. For daytime viewings, make sure curtains and blinds are fully open. Side lamps in dark corners can be more effective than a bright centre light for evening viewings.

7. Choose a good local estate agent

Choose a good, reputable estate agent with extensive knowledge of the local market. Ask them for examples of homes they have recently sold that are similar to yours. Invite a least three local estate agents to value your home. Don’t be tempted to choose the firm that gives you the highest valuation. An unrealistically high price can put buyers off even coming to view your property.

Choose an estate agent who will do the viewings for you. They are experts in knowing what to say and highlighting the best aspects of your home. They are also better positioned to answer tricky questions or address the concerns of potential buyers.

8. Be ready to move quickly

If you want to sell your home quickly, be as sale-ready as you can. If you will have an onward chain (i.e. you need to purchase a new home before moving out), this means having a new mortgage agreed in principle, lining up your solicitor and having all your documents ready in advance.

If you want to sell straight away, then it might be worth putting your furniture into storage and renting accommodation for a short amount of time. A long chain is a big reason many sales fall through, and so many buyers value a shorter chain.


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