We don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but after almost 60 years in business, The Ebury Restaurant and Wine Bar is set to close its doors.


Fans of the restaurant and wine bar on Belgravia’s Ebury Street have until Friday 22nd December to dine and sip wine in the much-loved venue before it closes.   

A longtime favourite of Belgravia locals and visitors to the area, The Ebury Restaurant and Wine Bar was first established in 1959. It was then sold to Nigel Windridge in 1973, who has remained its proprietor to this day.  

However, Windridge recently announced his plans to close the ‘Belgravia institution’ and his reasons for doing so on The Ebury’s website: 

“After lunch on Friday 22nd December 2017 the Ebury Restaurant & Wine Bar will close its doors for good. This is because, as I approach my 69th birthday and after 44 years as the custodian of this fine iconic establishment, I have decided to retire at the end of the year.” 

Locals and loyal customers alike are invited to stop by and enjoy a meal and a drink prior to the closure date, but booking in advance will be necessary as the venue is expected to be busy in its final weeks.  

“Let’s make sure that our old restaurant and wine bar goes out with a ‘bang’ not a whimper, to the happy ‘popping’ of Champagne corks”, Windridge added.  

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