Crescents add 40 percent to property value, says report

Written on 14 May 2014 by Alistair Boscawen in Property News

A new survey claims that properties in London that are situated in Crescents can fetch nearly twice the value than those on Streets.

When looking to purchase property in Prime Central London, you may want to consider investing in those which have the name ‘Crescent’ in the address – as apparently this adds some 40 percent to the value.

The Streets Hierarchy report says that property in a Crescent; Square; Row; Place; Gate; Terrace; Walk or Gardens; all reach above-average prices. The fact that Prime Central London has more property in locations with these names widens the property price difference between London and the rest of the UK.

The survey also revealed that there were 2,400 property sales across Prime Central London during the last year, with an average sales price of £1,503 per square foot.

Interestingly, in Belgravia just three names – Square, Mews, and Terrace – accounted for 30 percent of all the sales, while Mayfair has no Road names at all.

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Alistair Boscawen

Alistair has 32 years’ experience as an estate agent, starting in the country house department of one of London’s main international agencies before moving to the Knightsbridge house department of the same agency and learning the difference in values between freehold, long lease and short lease houses in Knightsbridge, Belgravia, Chelsea and Mayfair.

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