Dogs are cherished pets. Their popularity must stem from the fact they are so lovable, so receptive, so loyal, and so companionable. Dogs are good company, are endlessly entertaining, have a tendency to love you unconditionally, and can even provide you with free security. They even have the power to pull you out of a rather dour mood. Are there any arguments against owning a dog? 

Well, of course there are. One being that you often have to sacrifice a little of your freedom. Dogs need to be walked. Depending on the breed, dogs need to be walked a lot. Dogs also need to be fed and looked after, even if you want to take a weekend trip away or an extended holiday. On these occasions, you may not want to have your dog in tow, or it may not be practical to do so. The solution? Dog walkers and dog sitters.  

Dog walkers and dog sitters

We’ve drawn up a short list of the best dog walkers and dog sitters for Belgravia residents.

The K9 to 5 Club

This friendly team of dog walkers and sitters provide a service you can rely on. Operating across Kensington, Belgravia, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and the surrounding areas, the team can provide a regular walking service as well as dog training and dog sitting. For dog sitting, dogs can be looked after in the comfort of your own home, while owners can also arrange for their dog to be looked after while they enjoy a weekend away. With dog walking, there are different prices and options available for one to one walks, group walks, and weekend walks.

The Furry Dogmother

Styled as ‘an independent, fully insured and professional pet care business’ specialising in one to one dog walking and dog sitting, they are a member of the National Association of Registered Petsitters, which is a mark of quality for pet owners looking for a reputable company. The initial consultation is free, giving pet owners the opportunity to decide on their own terms before committing to anything. A pet sitting service in your home is also available for one hour or more, for weekends, or longer periods.

Uptown Dogs

Do you have one dog or three? It doesn’t matter with Uptown Dogs, who provide a service across Belgravia. They can provide ‘doggy day care’ for when you need someone to take the reins, while their dog walking service is available six days a week. If you also feel your canine companion(s) could benefit from a spot of behavioural training – or simply just a wash and groom – this is the outfit to choose.

Our daily schedules and commitments can leave us with less time to devote to a pet. But then that’s what professional dog walkers and dog sitters are for. If you’re based in the Belgravia area and need a dedicated, trustworthy individual to take care of your dog, you’ll find one here.