Estate agency sector boom

Written on 23 September 2013 by Alistair Boscawen in Property News

With the market on the increase again, the estate agency sector looks set to grow too.

estate agents boom

With 77,000 jobs created in the UK ‘real estate’ sector in the past year alone, it’s fair to say that the industry is booming. The market is showing signs of recovery and people are slowly, but surely, having their confidence restored.  

When the recession struck, estate agents were among the hardest hit. Buyers couldn’t obtain the mortgages they needed, disposable income wasn’t as it had been and the cost of living just continued to rise. First-time-buyers simply didn’t have the deposits needed to secure a decent mortgage and the outlook, generally has been pretty gloomy for a number of years.

But, we’re pleased to see some signs of optimism in this article by The Telegraph. Although it questions the calibre and role of estate agents and asks whether we will once again be forced to deal with pushy salespeople who want to seal the deal as quickly and ruthlessly as possible, it also highlights that there is a lot to look forward to for those who work in the industry.

With more ‘real-estate agents’ than at any time since records began in 1978, there will no doubt be cowboys here and there, who would jeopardise the integrity of the industry just to secure their next sale and a hefty commission.

At Best Gapp, we don’t employ someone just because they can sell homes. Although this is obviously important, we believe that service is key, as is being knowledgeable and experienced in the local market where you operate. After all, there’s nothing more infuriating than a pushy sales person who simply won’t take no for an answer. 

Alistair Boscawen

Alistair has 32 years’ experience as an estate agent, starting in the country house department of one of London’s main international agencies before moving to the Knightsbridge house department of the same agency and learning the difference in values between freehold, long lease and short lease houses in Knightsbridge, Belgravia, Chelsea and Mayfair.

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