New energy efficiency standards are due to be introduced on 1st April 2018, and landlords are being warned to make sure their properties meet the new standards.

Tighter energy efficiency standards take effect

The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) is reminding landlords that they only have a short amount of time in which to improve the energy efficiency of their rental properties, should they need to.  

From April, landlords will only be able to rent out their properties for new lets and renewals if they are rated between A to E on their EPC.  

David Cox, ARLA’s Chief Executive, said: “Landlords have been responding to tenants’ demands for better quality and better insulated homes over the last few years…However, there are still a lot [of rental properties] which don’t meet the standards”.  

There are finance support deals available for landlords should they need to improve the energy efficiency of their properties, and naturally, landlords who still need to make changes must “act – and quickly” if their properties will fail to meet the more stringent standards being introduced in April.  

Energy efficiency improvements to a property will be of benefit to both landlord and tenant. Tenants will likely benefit from lower utility bills and a warmer property, while landlords may be able to benefit from a potential increase in rental value and market value.  

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