Structural surveys in central London

Structural surveys are vital in assessing the general condition of residential and commercial buildings. When buying any type of property, a survey can help to determine whether the building is in a sound structural condition or whether there may be issues hidden away under the surface.


A qualified chartered surveyor will need to visit the property and carry out a survey. In relation to residential property, there are three types of survey to choose from:

Homebuyers report – this is not a full structural survey but one that provides a general overall picture about the condition of the property. Any issues which may need addressing urgently will also be picked up by this type of survey.

Structural survey – this is the most comprehensive type of survey and includes a thorough examination of the property in its entirety. This type of survey will look at the condition of the roof, the walls and the foundations, and the property surveyor will be looking for signs of potential problems that buyers may need to be aware of in future.

Mortgage valuation report – this is the most basic survey type and seeks to assess whether the property is worth its purchase price. In this instance, the surveyor will not be looking for anything other than defects which are immediately obvious and affect the purchase price.

At Best Gapp, we provide a full building surveying service to both residential and commercial clients, which includes:

  • Contract administration
  • Project management
  • Building defect analysis and surveys
  • Party wall matters
  • Full building surveys
  • Dilapidation schedules
  • Maintenance and cyclical works of multiple occupancy blocks
  • Licence for alterations

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